Colors of the Caribbean

Maybe the non-stop rain over the past few days has made me long for an island getaway complete with rainbow colors; but I think my craving has more to do with Seventeen magazine's "Road Trip" fashion spread in the March 2009 issue. The fun, funky bohemian looks. The crazy color combos. The chunky necklaces and wedge sandals. Toss me a fruity drink with an umbrella in it, along with a plane ticket to a tropical destination, and I'm ready for the vacation of a lifetime.

Is it just me or have the fashion spreads featured in Seventeen magazine gotten increasingly more clever, creative, and interesting over the past few months?

Since we're on the subject of island getaways, do you plan on embarking upon one for Spring Break?

Fashionably yours!

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You Are My Fave said...

Oh, I'm loving these colors. Wondering if I would even try to pull them off seeing as my wardrobe is pretty much black white a gray.

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