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When I was three-years-old I had a navy blue dress with white trim, and red bow detail that was sailor-inspired, and impossible to take off of me. I wore it with black mary-janes and white tights, and felt the most at ease when I was adorned in this getup. Perhaps that is why TomTom’s recently-debuted line of jewelry has so effortlessly captured my little nautical-loving, Moby Dick reading heart. Their Merchants and Marines Collection incorporates bronze, navy blue ribbons, plated brass, high-seas inspired buttons, and gunmetal chains into each offering, which makes it possible to channel your inner-seaman even if you’re sitting behind a desk in an office, or at the movies with imitation butter covering your fingertips. My most-wanted pieces include:

Three Sheets to the Wind, $205. If this isn't love, I don't know what is. The navy blue ribbon bows flanking each side of this necklace add such a preppy, classic, girly feel to this piece; while the gunmetal and copper plated brass offer a chic toughness that is irresistible. For some strange reason I'm overcome with the desire to pair this necklace with white, elbow-length gloves for a nouveau take on Jackie-O's style.

As much as I've always wanted to be a prep school girl, complete with crest-adorned blazer, knee-highs, and plaid skirt, I find myself giving in to my obsession with anchors, and opting for the Anchor Earrings, $55, as opposed to the Metal Crest Earrings, $55. Of course, either would most certainly bring a smile to my face. Just looking at these studly little gems makes me feel as if I'm aboard a cruise ship on my way to a tropical destination.

Which pieces are your favorite? Would you choose the anchors over the metal crests; or would you select something from TomTom's Lovely Heartache Collection instead? And is it just me, or are you also smitten with the TomTom name, which instantly invokes images of an exclusive, members-only gentleman’s club or a ragamuffin alley cat known to terrorize the neighborhood?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to TomTom Jewelry for the pictures.



Thank you<3

I love summer sailor accents =]


MizzJ said...

Ohh those anchor earrings are so adorable! You could totally pair it with a navy military jacket, plaid skirt, and white tights!

Casey Lewis said...

My favorite earrings are ones that could pass for cufflinks - and those adorable anchors definitely capture the boyishness that I love so much!

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