Domino's Dead; Now What?

"Domino’s demise does not, in the end, sound a death knell for the girly aesthetic it promoted. It leaves a vacuum in the print media, to be sure, but on the Web, Ms. Angelotta, Ms. Meares, Ms. Royalty and their sisters all contribute to what Ms. Salzman, the trend spotter, would describe as a ‘granular’ portfolio of ideas, ‘you know, something by, for and about them, friend-to-friend stuff,’ she said. In other words, the blogs." – "Domino Magazine’s Fans Mourn It’s Demise," The New York Times.

I’ve known about Domino’s demise for more than two weeks now, but it’s as if the harsh reality of never seeing the magazine grace newsstands again didn’t sink in until I read the aforementioned article.. It raises such an amazing point...if only we could have protested to keep the magazine alive and kicking – would it have been to no avail? It still seems unfair. As much as I love the blogs (I’m a blogger myself, so why wouldn’t I?), the world wide web is so much different than a glossy you can hold in your hands and read while lying in bed. I guess I’m in the same boat as Sandee Royalty.

“She explained a pastime she calls ‘magazining’ — sitting on the couch with her friends and ‘traveling’ through the pages of Domino. ‘Like shopping, but we don’t spend any money,’ she said. As much as she uses and likes them, the design blogs aren’t a satisfying substitute. ‘I need something I can archive, something I can ‘magazine’ with my friends,’ Ms. Royalty said.”

Such a fantastic pastime; but we will no longer have Domino to fulfill that need – either in print or Online. So what are you going to do now that Domino is no more? It’s a given that nothing can replace Domino, but what magazines will you be perusing to fill the empty hole it has left behind in the magazine world? Will you turn to Martha Stewart Living? Seek solace in Romantic Homes? Explore the pages of the extremely-chic Elle Décor? Titles please; I need titles!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Typophile for the picture.


Lauren said...

this news is so depresssing :(

Posh Peach said...

So sad about the magazine closing :(

please sir said...

I KNOW - soooo sad!!!


i agree. nothing can fulfill Domino. it's quite saddening =[

La C.

Anonymous said...

Are they removing the website as well? That'd be terrible if they did!

Little Bow Prep said...

I was sad to hear this. I adored Domino.

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