Rebel Ballerina

I'll admit it, I must be on some sort of ballet binge, because when I saw this picture on Stylesightings it took every bit of strength I have not to get up and dance. There's just something so perfectly chic and graceful about this ensemble, yet it's completely classic at the same time. The black boots, tights, gloves, and tulle-like tutu are almost goth; but the white piping on the black ruffled scarf, the sparkly gold lining on the dress, and the gray-belted jacket lighten the outfit up, and provide a nice contrast to the dark tones. It's like a ballerina gone wrong - yet it's completely right!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Stylesightings for the picture.


Jane said...

omg! This is such an amazing outfit! thanks for posting. The girl is stunning

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Little Bow Prep said...

I did ballet for nine years to help my posture, grace, and posture for another sport.

I adore ballerina like tutus and skirts!

young girl...louis vuitton said...

this post is amazing. I absolutely love it and adore your blog. It reminds me a little of mine! check it out, I would love your feedback!


young girl...louis vuitton said...

And I love this stylesightings site! Thanks for the inspiration!

Model Citizen aka Bonnie Rue said...

I will have dreams about those boots. Loving how tall they are!
The whole look in incredible, Im just obsessed with boots at the moment so they are distracting me.

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