Favors Fit for a Fairytale

Dolls, I know nearly a month has passed since Zooey Deschanel and Ben Gibbard said “I do”; but the lack of photographs depicting the big day still has me speculating about the sorts of fashionable strides the indie darling took in ensuring that her momentous occasion was one for the record books. Of course, it is not the gown or the guests in which I am interested in. Rather, it is the Wedding Favors.

Given Zooey’s penchant for girly touches like dainty bows, tights, and a mix of ruffles and rosettes, I imagine the favors at her wedding would be just as adorable. In my mind’s eye I see a tower of cupcakes resting upon a lacy white tablecloth, each one sitting primly in its own pristine white Filigree Wrapper. Perched beside each dinner plate, it’s possible that place cards sat cradled in the arms of gilded heart-shaped favors which gave way to flickering tea-lights. Across the aisleway I think it more possible than not that a pile of personalized wedding hot chocolate cocoa mix festooned with kitschy illustrations depicting kissing mugs lay haphazardly within a basket – a sweet farewell to departing guests.

Oui, I have concocted a fairytale filled with visions of charming wedding favors; but really darlings…where is the true harm in that?

What wedding favors do you see in your future?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Favors by Serendipity for the pictures.

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I love that first wedding favor you have posted.


All Women Stalker said...

Hmm probably a print of one of my boyfriend's paintings....Yeah, that sounds like a great idea. Haha


Jaime @ laviejaime said...

The 2nd one is cute :) I like favors that are personalized for the couple.

M said...

I wish I was crafty enough to make my own wedding favors. As it is, I would have to go with something along the lines of what you posted... personalized hot cocoa mix does not sound so bad. :)

Sherin said...

Mmmm, a tower of cupcakes sounds wonderful.

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