The Answer to Our Home Decorating Prayers

I was walking through the store this morning, searching for a new headband to add to my ever-growing collection, when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a new magazine that brought me great cheer! We have all been devastated over the loss of Domino, but I have found a solution to our woes...Fresh Home magazine.

Over the past few weeks I have searched high and low for a publication that would provide me with the same joy as Domino, but kept coming up empty-handed. Until I discovered Fresh Home, that is. I love the size and the cover – it’s such a beautiful presentation; and each glossy page caused me to emit louder and louder high-pitched happy squeals. The DIY projects are explained in a way that anyone (from your favorite fashionista to your next-door Mr. Fix-It) can understand, which is something that the market was lacking until now. I particularly liked “The Right Paint,” page 62, wherein oil and water based, flat and satin paints are described so explicitly, that, after reading this, even I feel confident going to the hardware store to purchase the colorful stuff – something I typically would have never even considered. “The Right Brush,” “The Right Roller,” and “Paint Like the Pros” clinched the deal – now I feel like no painting project is too much for me to tackle!

The black and white pillows propped up on the couch on page 54 of “Color Magic” instantly made me think of the glamorous Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile. And “Fresh Facelifts under $500” on page 74? Well, let’s just say that this is an easy, affordable, and painless way to undergo plastic surgery. But I haven’t just been inspired to fix things up inside; Fresh Home has also given me some fresh ideas for outdoor projects like page 112’s “A Pot That’s Not” – I loved the sink and wagon planters. And I have just the wagon for this project – a vintage Radio Flyer that has been collecting dust in my garage since the early nineties!

What can I say? There’s so much here for $4.99. Not just a magazine full of pictures of homes, but detailed accounts of exactly what to do and how to do it, with fresh ideas, interesting tidbits of information, and articles that are not only well thought-out, but written in an easy-to-understand fashion. I’m currently channeling my inner handyman, complete with paint-splattered Converse, distressed skinnies, and a worn-in boyfriend tee (hey, who says handymen – or women – can’t be fashionable?). It may be about DIY and affordable decorating, but it’s really a lifestyle magazine. It sets a tone for living life to the fullest by creating your own world. I can’t help myself, I love it. I’m hooked!

I can honestly say that this magazine has something for everyone. Right now, I’m thinking of a friend who likes to barbecue who would love “Barbecue’s Back!” on page 128; and my sister’s boyfriend who will die for “Celebration Ales,” on page 130; and then there’s my treasure hunting cousin, who will swoon over “Sweet Flea,” on page 24. Let’s cut to the chase, I will be recommending this magazine to everyone I know, with sincere enthusiasm.

In actuality, it’s not just a magazine, it’s a reference guide. It’s the type of publication that you save all the back issues of, like a cherished set of Encyclopedias. Reasonably priced, fashionable, practical, and charming. There is only one way to describe all of this…wowie-zowie! Fresh Home magazine provides us with the tools to turn our personal living spaces into unique abodes that reflect our passions. Can we ask for anything more? In the words of Home Alone 2’s troublemaking Kevin McCallister, “I don’t think so.”

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Fresh Home, and Design With You In Mind for the pictures.


Anonymous said...

hmm..I can tell from the cover that I'm going to like this magazine. Thanks for sharing!

Gloria C. said...

Thanks for the comment!

I've always liked thumbing through my parents home decor magazines but I've never really read them cover to cover because the things inside always me green with envy :P

Nemerae said...

That blazer sounds really good, you should wear it again! :)

Hanne said...

I love interior magazines, can look at them for hours! So much inspiration, and I feel like redecorating the whole apartment;)

Syed said...

Oooh how fantastic, I shall definitely have to try and track down a copy!! Haha I always love home decor magazines.

Couture Carrie said...

Hi sweetie!
Love those bold paint colors :)

Added you to my Fellow Fashionistas blogroll, btw!


Free Art Printables said...

I saw that magazine and I almost bought it! I am going to have to go back and get it now! Jen

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